Donald Wayne Hendon's 365 Weapons of Negotiation, Persuasion, and Manipulation - A Very Practical Handbook of Power

Don’t spend  thousands of money to attend one of Dr. Donald Hendon’s negotiating seminars.  Get a quick overview of his 365 deal-making in this short book of 10,000 words.  Highlights: Why Hendon’s 365 specific tactics are more valuable to you than Geert Hofstede’s generalities.  Hendon goes much further than Hofstede’s 6 dimensions of national cultures: Individualism vs. Collectivism, Power Distance, Masculinity vs. Feminity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Time Orientation, and Indulgence vs. Restraint. Learn how to predict with a high degree of certainty what deal-making tactics people in over 60 different nations will use against you when you negotiate with them.

Donald Wayne Hendon

Donald Hendon really knows how to influence people.  He has won big-time at the negotiating table in 38 nations on six continents.  Using the 365 tactics in this book, he has become a millionaire several times over.  That’s because he knows which tactics influence others and which ones don’t.  And more importantly, he knows why!  He also knows which tactics most people use over and over—and which tactics they usually avoid. 

He has trained thousands of people from over 60 nations and turned them into big winners at the negotiating table.  A Hong Kong executive told him, “Using only a few of your tactics, I made $1.5 million extra the same week I attended your seminar.  And that same month, I made an extra $50 million.  Thank you so much”

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  • User-friendly, practical, and full of common sense.
  • Written with input from hundreds of successful negotiators throughout the world.
  • First edition, 2012