Face Language

This book provides you with a quick-reference handbook to face language.

Brain research has demonstrated more and more how much of our nature stems from our physical build.

This guide to face language has to do primarily with how the structure of the face indicates a person's disposition.

Momentary expressions, of course, are valuable to notice too. But they require no special instruction to understand. You have a rich reservoir of memory of all kinds of expressions: Love, hate, joy, sorrow; fun, seriousness; pleasure, pain; relaxation, hurry; concentration, impatience; ecstasy, despair; mischief, stolidity; flirting, dislike; and dozens of others. You need no coaching to recognize these. But you have found you DO need coaching on how to best deal with them.

Robert L. Whiteside

Mr. Whiteside is President of The Interstate College of Personology and haas his teacher certificate from that institution. Born in California, he was a successful newspaperman when he heard a speaker from the Personolgy Foundation, Edward W. Jones. Intrigued by the natual approach to intrinsic abilities outlined by the speaker, he returned to college to obtain his degree and receive special training for research. With the knowledge he gained, he headed a research team that statistically validated 68 strucural/functional relationships in the human being. Mr. Whiteside has since traveled extensively throughout the U.S. in connection with The Interstate College of Personology and is probably the leading figure in his field.

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