Equal Time: Maintaining a Balance in Today's Intimate Relationships

As one of today's women, you pursue a career, travel on your own, socialize freely, and question the value of traditional relationshiops.

As one of today's men, you work less, live longer, start second and third careers, and question the value of traditional relationships.

What happens when the liberated woman and the liberated man get together?

Equal Time explores the attitudes, emotions, and expectations of the new mand and new woman. as centuries-old rules and roles of relationships disintergrate, a liberated era is emerging. More and more, individuals are seeking true intimacy, companionship, and equal partnership. But society has not prepared us for this kind of relationship and there are no existing role models. A wide gap seperates where we have been form where we are going.

Equal Time is here to bridge that gap!

Genevieve Grafe Marcus

Genevieve Grafe Marcus, Ph.D. and Robert Lee SMith, who live and work with each other in an equal relationship, are the founders of Experimental Cities, Inc., a nonprofit corporation designed to seek innovative solutions to social and environmental problems. A vital part of their research has been a three-year study of new trends in the intimate relationship, which culminated in Equal Time. They also conduct workshops and private consultations on equal relationships for individuals, couples, and the family.

Robert Lee Smith

Authors Marcus and Smith, trained Couple Communications Instructors, explore power as a potential component of self-esteem, rather than a competitive expression of dominance. They define ten power sources-including physical, professional, economic, and emotional - and show how these powers can be used positively or negatively by each partner. Scales and tests are provided to help measure your own power within a relationship (past or present), and to aid in recognizing a loss of power that could be causing conflict. The authors also analyze related aspects of the coequal relationship, including children, parents, friends, sex, work, and money. Equal Time addresses itself to everyone who wants to develop a more equal and intimate relationship in the present - or prepare for a more satisfying on in the future.

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