Guide to Camping and Family Fun Outdoors

This charming book is chock full of new and interesting summer vacation plans for the entire family. Here are camping and outdoor projects for boys and girls of every age. The section on outdoor cooking is so tempting, the pages evoke the aromas of marvelous, long-to-be-remembered, outdoor meals.

This book provides helpful and knowledgeable instructions on camping with the baby, fishing with junior, and how to swim with the whole family - safely. There is also expert advice on the importance of not getting lost, preventing sunburn and sunstroke, purifying drinking water, avoiding poison ivy and other harmful plants, staying clear of snakes and insects, and - as a wrap-up for all of these - family first aid.

The reader fill find many delightful chapters on nature and nature lore, projects to fascinate everyone in the family, plus a guide to the heavens in all seasons. An extensive list of tips for new campers plus do's and dont's of successful family camping provide a sure guide for a never-to-be-forgotten vacation.

Nancy Cleaver

Nancy Cleaver has traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific, visiting groups and attending conferences on camps and camping. She writes a regular column in a Canadian newspaper and has been widely published in the United States and Canada. In 1962 she was invited to be the guest of the West German government to inspect an discuss camping sites and allied problems.

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