Barbara Hutton: A Candid Biography of the Richest Woman in the World

Barbara Hutton ... her name is a household word ... is one of the most publicized women of our times ... with a fortune estimated at $50,000,000 ... she is one of the most lavish spenders of all time ... fragile (she has had no less than eight major surgical operations), she is the possessor of a will of iron ... an expert on emeralds, Barbara Hutton owns the world's largest private collection of these gems ... described as one of the globe's truly lonely women, Barbara shuns most new friendships because she fears people will love her only for her money ... an aimless wanderer (her name means "wanderer"), moving from continent to continent, and living in palatial residences, she writes charming poetry of professional quality and carries hundreds of poems around in trunks ... most verses reflect her acute loneliness and frustration, with strong overtones of cynicism.

Dean Jennings

Dean Jennings, whose published national magazine articles total more than 600, including 75 appearances in the Saturday Evening Post, is also the author of We Only Kill Each Other: The Life and Bad Times of Bugsy Siegel, Leg Man, The Man Who Killed Hitler, The San Quentin Story (With Warden Clinton T. Duffy), Confessions of a Happy Man (With Art Linkletter) My First Hundred Years in Hollywood (With Jack L. Warner), and The Intimate Casebook of a Hypnotist (With Arthur Ellen.) Mr. Jennings lives in Belvedere, California.

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