Undue Influence

Wealthy Foundations, Grant Driven Environemental Groups, and Zealous Bureaucrats That Control Your F

The environmental movement has become a center of money, power and politics on a campaign of "rural cleansing"-purging America's natural resource workers. Loggers, miners, ranchers, and farmers are despised and disposable, all because of groups claiming to protect the environment. Grant-driven environmental groups have become the pawns of wealthy foundations bent on "progressive" social change. Foundation bosses design "environmental justice" projects and find-or create-groups to do their bidding. Zealous bureaucrats bend the rules to stop logging, mining and ranching-because they obey the foundations that fund government-employee environmental groups. Undue Influence exposes the biggest deliberate program of social and economic displacement in American history. A handful of wealthy people are redesigning American politics to fulfill their vision of an "environmental society" that gives them all the power and leaves nothing to the average citizen. This book is based on documents leaked

Ron Arnold

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