Why Be Short: What Every Short Man Should Know

How tall are you? The answer to this logical question is muffed 4 out of 5 times. Do you know how tall you actually are?

Two men can be friends for years and engage in a constant dispute about their comparative heights. After careful measurements the results usually reveal the following: the individual who insisted and protested that he is the taller of the two, is surprised to learn that he is the shorter.

Unless you are impressively tall, you have no doubt had occasion when you wished you were taller. And if you have given up the thought of ever being taller because you have attainted maturity, you are in for a pleasant surprise when you read "Why Be Short" by Paul O'Neil.

Paul O'Neil

Paul O'Neil, the author of "WHY BE SHORT," broadcasted to a nationwide audience on one of radio's most outstanding programs: Dave Elman's "Hobby Lobby" - where guests are invited to appear before the microphone to tell of their unusual hobbies. Paul's hobby is informting other men how they can be Taller!

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