Agency Mania

Why do some client/agency relationships thrive while others fail? At a time of unprecedented change and complexity in marketing and advertising, Agency Mania will transform the way you look at client/agency relationships and invite you to build sustained partnerships that deliver unmatched work and results. The world of marketing is a trillion-dollar industry and is changing at a drastic pace. The advertiser/agency relationship is under incredible pressure. Some may argue it’s even broken. The future of the advertising industry is uncertain. The entire marketing ecosystem is being tested. What will the agency of tomorrow look like? What competencies will agencies need to build? How will they deliver greater value to their clients? Similarly, how will advertisers reap the benefits agencies bring to their table? How will they become better clients? How will they set their partnerships up for success? In Agency Mania, partnership guru Bruno Gralpois demonstrates that these partnerships, once managed professionally, have remarkable transformational value and measurable business impact. The author shines a bright light on the insanity of advertisers and agencies failing to work optimally together or hold each other truly accountable. Building a successful long-term advertiser/agency partnership requires a robust set of competencies and operating principles.Agency Mania shows you step-by-step how it is done.

Bruno Gralpois of Seattle, WA

Bruno Gralpois has been instrumental in establishing Agency Management as a central global discipline for many of the top 200 advertisers, utilizing strategies for ensuring efficient collaboration and driving high-impact results for advertisers and their agency partners. His commitment to successful client/agency partnerships led Bruno to co-founding and serving as principal of Agency Mania Solutions. Before that, he held leadership positions at industry-leading companies like Microsoft and Visa as well as various pre-IPO software companies. His vast experience from both the client and the agency perspective has shaped this push for an industry-wide initiative, backed by industry associations such as the ANA and 4As, to improve understanding and practices in Agency Management. Bruno is an active member of the ANA Faculty of Marketing, facilitating training for the largest brand advertisers and their teams, and helping to build effective advertiser-agency relationships.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Various book signing opportunities and speaking engagements at large industry events
  • Byline articles in major trade publications (Adweek,, etc.) referencing the book
  • Active use of social media channels (author has nearly 8,000 followers on Linkedin) and relevant groups
  • Inclusion of book in Association of National Advertisers (ANA) 2 hours etraining module led by author on agency management (available to 50,000 individuals, 1,000 leading brands, representing 15,000 brands and over $400 billion in spend)
  • PR outreach to media outlets and major trade publications
  • Endorsements by various leading figures of the advertising industry