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Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

This unique devotional contains 365 pages of evidences for the reality of a biblical creation from over 20 different areas of science and education.  The primary purpose of this book is to help people understand what makes Christianity so trustworthy. Many books are available on the scientific evidence for creation, but most are difficult to share due to the technical nature of the subject matter. This book is written to be enjoyed as a daily devotional, but can also serve as an easy-to-read resource on the physical evidence that our Creator exists.

God’s desire is that the knowledge of what He has done through both the cross and creation is for everyone. We must not keep this knowledge to ourselves. The evidence that He is our Creator is so overwhelming and encouraging that it desperately needs to be shared in the world today. A Closer Look at the Evidence is designed to be an affordable resource to both reinforce our individual faith and facilitate sharing

Julie VonVett

Julie Von Vett has been teaching creation science and worldviews since 2003 to homeschoolers and doing seminars at churches and community events.  Julie has beenteaching creation science to church, home school, and community groups full time since 2003.  She literally has 500 students all over the state of Minnesota!  Prior to this, she home educated her children, Annette and Caleb, through high school.  After attending worldview classes at Summit Ministries in 1992, she began teaching year-long worldview classes to high school students and parents.  She realized that the foundation of a biblical worldview begins with creation, Genesis 1-11.  Julie has received her B.A. from St. Olaf College.  She lives with husband Vince in Minnesota.  In their free time they love to travel out West and explore the geology from a creationist perspective and dig dinosaurs.  

Bruce Malone

Bruce has 27 years of research experience with the Dow Chemical Corporation but left in 2008 to act as full time Executive Director of Search for the Truth Ministries with the vision of “Awakening Hearts and Minds to Biblical Truth”.  This organization widely distributes his Bible-affirming creation materials to students and prisoners.  Bruce has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and holds 17 patents for new products with Dow Chemical. 

Bruce Malone has spent the last 30 years bringing the scientific evidence for creation to churches and colleges at seminars throughout the United States and 12 foreign countries.  He has also authored six books on the evidence for creation with over 500,000 copies in print; served as adjunct speaker for the Institute for Creation Research; is an associate speaker for Logos Research Associates Inc.; and is a commissioned worldview speaker under Chuck Colson’s Centurion program - bringing a recent Biblical creation understanding to worldview issues. 

Bruce and his wife Robin have been married for 32 years and have four grown children and four grandchildren.  They reside in Midland, Michigan.

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