Reagan Remembered

For the first time in presidential history, the major appointees of a president have come together to share stories and memories of their president, Ronald Reagan. These are never-before-told personal anecdotes from 81 of President Reagan's appointees.

Former President George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell, Elizabeth Dole, Steve Forbes, James Baker, and Edwin Meese discuss their relationship with the 40th President of the United States. Democrats and Republicans can agree that Ronald Reagan possessed remarkable humor, courtesy, and consideration for others, natural charm, and a great sense of humor while displaying the toughness that brought an end to the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Gilbert Robinson

Ambassador Gilbert A. Robinson (ret.) is Chairman of a GAR, Inc. an international firm advising Fortune 500 companies on international trade, government relations, and communications. From 1998-2003, he was the National Director and COO of the Center for the Study of the Presidency; from 1983-85, he served as Ambassador and Special Advisor for Public Diplomacy to Secretary of State George Shultz and in February 1981, President Reagan appointed him as Deputy Director of the United States Information Agency, whereby he was confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate.

In New York City, Ambassador Robinson was Chairman of the Public Relations Board, Inc. In his voluntary job as Chairman of the New York Board of Trade he led the first U.S. Business Delegation to China at the invitation of Premier Deng Xiaoping. Earlier he was the Coordinator of the American National Exhibition in Moscow where he brought together Vice President Richard Nixon and Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev in the famous "Kitchen Debate." Ambassador Robinson graduated with a B.S. Degree in Economics from Roanoke College, where he recently was awarded the Roanoke College Medal.

He is the author of Why I Like Ike, a collection of anecdotes about President Eisenhower and Reagan Remembered.

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