Coming of Age, Liver Spots & All

A Humorous Look at the Wonders of Getting Old

Life sometimes sucks. So does getting older. Strange and unexpected changes happen to our minds and our bodies. Forgetting where we laid those damn car keys (if we are even allowed to drive). And looking in the mirror sure isn’t a pleasant past time any longer, what with the baggy eyes, sagging jowls, not to mention the other body parts that hang—or disappear between folds of excess folds—and don’t even mention turning around to take a gander at our backsides, once sleek and slim. If we can even see them. But don’t count us out yet.

COMING OF AGE, LIVER SPOTS & ALL is both a playful and grudging acknowledgement that like “S**T, getting old happens. Aging happens in different ways for all of us, even though we all carry a lifetime of baggage, whether it be in a steamer trunk, suitcase, or a new-fangled roll-in-any-direction carry-on. Some of us carry all our important stuff (like those damn keys) in a backpack. Now, if only I could find that backpack.

Don Marsh walks readers through his take on the aging process in with tongue-in-cheek revelry. Truthful, sometimes sobering, but always humorous, this quick read allows the old(er) of us to laugh at our sagging bodies, wandering minds, and thinning hair. 

Don Marsh

Don Marsh began his award winning career in print, radio and television journalism in 1959. His career included 12 years reporting in Germany and Baltimore before becoming a member of the St. Louis media community in 1971. He is a St. Louis Media Hall of Fame inductee, and a St. Louis Press Club “Media Person of the Year” honoree.  

Don has also authored FLASH FRAMES a memoir of his journalism career, and the manners parody,  HOW TO BE RUDE ... POLITELY. 

He appeared in the 1992 film Under Siege. Marsh and is wife Julie have two adult children

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  • Author is host of popular NPR/St. Louis Public Radio show, St. Louis on the Air
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