Major Taylor

"The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World"
100 years before Lance Armstrong became a famed American bicycle racer in what is considered a "European" sport, another American rider amassed fame and glory on the bicycle racing tracks of the world: Marshall "Major" Taylor. The first African-American sportsman outside boxing to become internationally famous, Taylor's life story is one of the most fascinating stories ever told about any athlete--white or black.This illustrated edition is fully updated and expanded and illustrated throughout with over 100 high-quality duotone photographs.

Andrew Ritchie Andrew Ritchie is a historian who specializes in the history of the bicycle and bicycle racing. When doing research for his first book, [i]King of the Road[/i], he became intrigued by the life and struggles of Major Taylor, the unjustly forgotten African-American bicycle racer who was once, literally, the fastest bicycle rider in the world.

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