Post Office Jobs

The Ultimate 473 Postal Exam Study Guide & Job FInder

Anyone interested in a challenging career with excellent pay needs to explore the Postal Service job market. The average annual salary for employees, including benefits, exceeds $77,000 and professional and administrative employees earn up to six figures per year. The new 7th edition covers ALL occupations from mail carrier, maintenance, and clerical to professional and administrative. A comprehensive 473 Postal Exam study guide is included. It provides all the information needed to locate and apply for job vacancies and prepare for postal exams and the job interview. Learn how to navigate the Postal service's eCareer hiring system and explore all available hiring options. Readers will discover how to get their foot in the door through casual temporary appointments. Having worked 35½ years for Uncle Sam, the author offers an insider's perspective on what it takes to go from job hunter to hired, and everything in between.

Dennis Damp of Pittsburgh, PA

Damp is the author of 27 books and writes from first-hand experience, he spent 35 years working for Uncle Sam. Damp's titles have been featured, reviewed and recommended by Library Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal and he has appeared on hundreds of radio talk shows and on the CNN Your Money show.

Nancy Ledgerwood

Nancy Ledgerwood retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 2013. She was a human resource specialist  at Kansas City, MO and previously an officer-in-charge at Bates CIty, MO. She resolved technical problems related to processing a wide variety of personnel and payroll actions, worked on the eCareer recruiting system, requested background checks and drug screenings, and reviewed and processed job applications. She has an extensive background in the Postal Service's recruiting and retention programs. Ledgerwood also writes job and career related articles for

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