Trashing the Economy

How Runaway Environmentalism is Wrecking America

They challenge environmentalism! Eco-group leaders polled by People magazine voted Ron and Alan the Number One "Enemy of the Earth" they'd like to see livivng next to a toxic waste dump. Everybody is talking about them. Time magazine said, ".in the wise-use movement, its ideologues are Ron Arnold, a former Sierra Clubber who did a philosopical backflip, and Alan Gottlieb, a longtime fundraiser for conservative causes." The New York Times wrote, " Mr. Gottlieb is the most successful fund-raiser working to tap a growing movement of loggers, ranchers, miners, oil drillers, dirt-bike riders and others who view big environmental groups as a threat to their livelihood and way of life." The Washington Post wrote, " A former Sierra Club official... Arnold says he still considers himself a strong conservationist. But he accuses mainstream groups of exaggerating or even inventing environmental threats in order to advance narrow political goals that have little to do with safeguarding natural res

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