A Field Guide for Managers: bringing out the best in people

This book is predominately for line managers and team or project leaders, with 52 chapters that help managers bring out the best in their people and improve business results. Each chapter is designed to give an informative read and practical application through exercises, reflection, methods or templates. The book is in three parts: Part I is about mindsets that bring about trust and openness, and how to develop them; Part II is about practicing skills which enable you to connect with people; Part III is about using applications that create engagement and participation.

Deni Lyall Deni Lyall has been practicing as an executive coach and management development trainer for over 20 years. She has in-depth knowledge of and a wealth of experience in managing and working with people. Deni has a pragmatic approach to coaching and development as enabling people to make a real difference is important to her. As a chartered engineer she spent the first half of her career working in a variety of operational line management roles.

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