Finding Home

In December 2009, a lost and bedraggled cat was picked up on a remote, snowy road in Buffalo, Minnesota. Soon thereafter, he was adopted and started a new chapter in his life. Finding Home is based on the true story of this nameless, wandering cat that found his way into the arms of a loving family and through the process discovered his forever home and the name he carries today. This book by sisters-in-law Kristy Abbott and Danusia Keusder appeals to animal lovers young and old and shares the uplifting theme of second chances for lucky creatures.

Kristy Abbott of Excelsior, MN Kristy Abbott lives in Excelsior, Minnesota with her husband. They are the lucky companions of the real-life cat who inspired Finding Home and who can be found stretched out on his back each day next to Kristy’s keyboard. to learn more about her other published works.

Danusia Keusder Danusia Keusder lives in the sunny hills of San Juan Capistrano, California, with her husband Wes. She can be found painting in her little studio which is filled with magical light and imagination. She takes every possible opportunity to visit the cat that inspired her illustrating journey with his true life rescue story. You can visit her online at

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