Mush Mush -Sight Word Readers

In the first, 10-book set of ‘Mush Mush Readers,’

your child will progressively learn the following

sight words one reader at a time:

I, can, like, we, to, my, the, a, have.

Learning to read using a ‘Mush Mush Reader,’ is

easy! Simply have your child follow these 3 easy

reading steps for success:

Learn and review the sight word on the

back cover

Put their index finger on the PAW pointer to

read each word (if they add words to the

sentence, remind them to read 1 word per

paw pointer)

Look at the illustrations to figure out/read

the picture word

Joanna Merideth

While teaching Kindergarten, Author, Joanna Merideth, noticed a lack of sight word reading materials for children who were beginning their reading journey. Sight words are taught to children between Pre-Kindergarten and 3rd grade and are words that children see over and over again when they are learning to read. Sight words are difficult to sound out and decode, therefore they must be memorized in order to achieve reading fluency.

Named after her friendly and fluffy cat Mush Mush, ‘Mush Mush Readers,’ give your child the opportunity to learn sight words and read books that are both educational and engaging. With their repetitive sentence structure, picture-words, word-to-word PAW pointers, and colorful illustrations, your child’s sight word knowledge and reading confidence is sure to grow!


Ana Larranaga

Marketing & Publicity
  • Joanna Merideth has a passion for teaching. She has created a sight word reader series for beginners.
  • Joanna has been doing book signings in the Central Florida Area promoting her books!