Your Income, Your Life

How Modern Day Families Can Live Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy on Any Income
Are you ready to free yourself and your family from the financial anxiety, guilt, and dependence that has been shadowing your life?In Your Income, Your Life, Jeff Bouwman shows the modern parent how to create a healthy relationship with money and free up the portion of their life that is holding them back. He helps parents understand what their relationship with money looks like today, and define what it could be going forward. He shows you that your financial and personal well-being is based on the choices you make, and that money can be the catalyst to improving your relationship with your family. Take control over your finances before they control you, Your Income, Your Life, will show you how.

Jeff Bouwman Jeff Bouwman is a father, an author, and an experienced financial leader with a CPA designation. He is the founder and creator of the 'Your Income, Your Life' methodology, and coaches parents around the world on personal finances. After landing his ideal career position, Jeff came to realize that the important things in life could not be paid for, and went through a significant personal transformation. He left the job he thought he always wanted, took almost a year off to spend with his kids, and then took on a role making 50% less than what he made before. ALL while improving his financial situation. He paid off a substantial portion of his debt in the process and significantly improved his overall health and well-being. His decision to look at finances different, have changed the trajectory of his life. His purpose now, is to equip all parents with the tools they need to achieve their goals and model something different to their kids.

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