Trekking in Ladakh

This trekking guidebook gives detailed descriptions of eight different treks across Ladakh, Zanskar and the Markha Valley in northern India. The treks range from six to eight days in length, and from 'moderate' to 'very demanding' difficulty. Each one is broken down into multiple stages, and has information on access and available accommodation, as well as the many combinations and alternative routes open to exploration.

Known as Little Tibet for both its landscape and culture, Ladakh lies at the northern tip of India. This quiet corner of the Himalaya has developed a strong trekking culture over recent years for adventurous trekkers. Trekking here is extremely challenging as paths are not signed and there are only a limited number of villages. However, its magnificent landscape, hospitable people, rich heritage and limited number of tourists make Ladakh an amazing destination.

This guide includes background information on local culture, history and religion, as well as all the details you need regarding crucial aspects such as environmental responsibility, health and safety in the mountains, trekking practicalities and preparation for altitude.

Radek Kucharski Radek Kucharski has been trekking frequently in South Asia since 2000, and has now made many visits to Nepal, Iran, Pakistan and India. After a first visit in 2004, Ladakh instantly became his favourite destination. He lives in Warsaw and works as a tourist guide for one of Poland's leading adventure travel agencies, leading trekking groups to India, Nepal and Scandinavia.

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