Thinking About Retirement?

Think Again!
This is a practical guide to help mid-life and older adults evaluate their present status and explore life options. By means of a specific, step-by-step easily read style, individuals are guided in evaluating their assets and present status, exploring alternatives, setting goals and implementing specific job search, business, volunteer or other retirement strategies. New thinking is needed to assist men and women at midlife and beyond in dealing with new realities. The timelines of this book are clear and will provide the catalyst to get individuals started in thinking about their futures, and assist in establishing and realizing their goals. Interspersed with case histories presenting situations to which the reader can identify, the book should appeal to all those at a certain stage in life seeking a career challenge regardless of their occupational and educational skill level.

Barbara B. Hildner Author Barbara B. Hildner has years of experience in counseling, teaching, retirement planning and presenting workshops, which makes her an authority on employment opportunities for adults in mid-life and later. Hildner has developed programs for respected organizations in Kansas City including the Rehabilitation Institute, Hallmark Cards, Inc. and the Metropolitan Community Colleges on a wide variety of matters related to employment and retirement strategies for midlife and beyond. An article describing one of Hildner’s programs was published in the Journal of Rehabilitation. Hildner holds a Bachelor of Arts and master’s degree in psychology and is an educational specialist in counseling education with specialization in gerontology from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

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