Wisdom for a Better Life

Practical Principles for Everyday Living
Wisdom for a Better Life is a practical guide for helping people gain new perspectives on every day challenges. It provides realistic and biblically supported approaches to acquiring patience, discernment, financial control, abundant living, fighting fear, overcoming addictions, building health boundaries, improving relationships, healing, conflict resolution, and much more. Wisdom for a Better Life helps the reader feel at peace with their circumstance and discover the purpose and direction for their future.

Debi Davis Debi Davis is the founder of Fit America Weight Loss and Wellness Stores. She personally lost 85 pounds and has helped countless numbers of others to achieve their weight loss goals. Debi is a recognized speaker on radio and TV on the subject of weight management. Sitting on the Board of both Boys and Girls Clubs and Junior Achievement, Debi recognized the need for helping overweight children of all ages.

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