Love Can Be Murder

Chip Collingsworth, a popular crime writer and newest resident of Turners Bend, Iowa, is working hard on his next thriller, Mind Games, when dead bodies show up. Soon Chip is caught up in the search for a real-life murderer, as he faces a looming publication deadline and navigates a bumpy road to romance with Jane Swanson, town veterinarian. Once again, real life mirrors fiction in Chip’s novel, as the lovely FBI agent, Jo Schwann, investigates a series of gruesome murders in the Twin Cities and her fragile romance with Dr. John Goodman encounters a frightening turn of events. This novel-within-a-novel sequel to Headaches Can Be Murder is full of twists and turns, mistaken identities and romantic missteps, proving that love indeed can be murder.

Marilyn Rausch of Plymouth, MN

Mary Donlon

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