Secrets of the Stone

Having traveled back in time and having survived the Great Hinckley Fire, Addie Ever’s desire for adventure should be more than satisfied. However, after reading an historical account at the library that reveals the true fate of Thomas and Judith Markham after the fire, Addie finds herself drawn back to the past in an effort to save them from certain death. What awaits her as she re-enters 1894, is definitely not what she expected...

Karlajean Jirik Becvar of Hinckley, MN Karlajean Becvar lives in Hinckley, Minnesota, with her husband of twenty-six years and an assorted menagerie. An instructor at Hinckley/Finlayson High School, she teaches English 7, Creative Writing, and Advanced English 11. Secrets of the Stone is her second novel in the Firestorm Chronicles series, which focuses on the Great Hinckley Fire of 1894.  She grew up in New Prague, Minnesota, and has lived in the Hinckley area for twenty-eight years.

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