Ike's Final Battle

The Road to Little Rock and the Challenge of Equality
He called it one of the hardest things he ever did-as difficult as leading the D-Day invasion. When Dwight Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to Little Rock to integrate Central High School in September 1957, he couldn't know that he was fighting the last great battle of his career...one that would change forever both him and his country. This is the story of how one of America's greatest leaders confronted America's greatest sin. This is the unlikely tale of how Ike became a civil rights president."Ike" represents is a revolution in scholarship on Eisenhower and civil rights. Though not uncritical, the book credits his steady personal advance on the issue as well as his accomplishments in the military and as president. Drawing on thousands of primary documents (including newly released material), "Ike's Last Battle" builds to its climax at Little Rock-one of the most pivotal events of the civil rights movement. Little Rock is at the epicenter, but the book will also look at the cause,

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