Driving with Cats

Ours for a Short Time
"Anyone who has loved, lived with, or grieved the loss of a cat will appreciate Driving with Cats. This tender book interweaves profiles of the author’s cat companions with her gems of wisdom on topics as diverse as finding your true calling in life, transporting cats to and from the veterinarian, the soothing aspects of yoga and meditation, the reality of dreams, and the gentle wind of a cat’s presence after death. This delicate, life-affirming, and comforting book should have a place of honor on bookshelves where cats can curl up and wrap their paws around it.” –Linda Anderson, co-author, Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort, Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals, and other books in the Angel Animals series, www.angelanimals.net

Catherine Holm of Norton, VT Catherine Holm is the author of the short story collection My Heart Is a Mountain. As Ann Catanzaro, she writes cat fantasy fiction. She is a freelance writer and editor, a yoga instructor, and lives in Cook, Minnesota, with her husband, several cats, and a dog.

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