Better Than Beach Money

What if there was a secret road or a less traveled pathway to your dreams? One that was 100 times shorter and one that required little-to-no struggle? What if this path became ridiculously obvious once someone pointed it out? Sometimes by simply shifting your viewpoint, invisible things will become visible and new opportunities to rapidly reach your dreams will appear. Have you ever noticed that breakthroughs in business are occurring at light speed all around us as a result of entrepreneurs that have chosen to see the world through a different set of lenses? In Better Than Beach Money, Jordan Adler shares real life stories that will help you to view your life from a different angle. From this new point of view, you will discover roads and pathways, and see opportunities that can cause your dreams to materialize almost instantaneously. You will realize that you don’t have to wait. You can begin to stray from that long, tedious path to achieving your goals and embrace a new way that can take you there much quicker. Most personal development trainers and efficiency experts propose writing down your dreams and taking daily action towards them. 

Jordan Adler of Las Vegas, NV Best Selling Beach Money™ author Jordan Adler has created a seven figure income in his current network marketing enterprise and has personally inspired thousands of people to achieve remarkable success through network marketing. He currently travels the U.S. and Canada motivating his team to reach their personal and financial dreams and training distributors on the simplicity of growing a successful business. Beach Money is more than a book - it's a lifestyle that Jordan believes everyone can fulfill. It's possible for everyone to live the life of their dreams from the beach, or the location of their choice. "Your biggest breakthrough to creating your Beach Money life is knowing that it is possible for you," says Jordan. "Beach Money will show you what's truly possible and most importantly that you can do it."

Marketing & Publicity
  • Pre Launch Marketing:Book Reviews & Endorsements, Speaking Engagement Pre-Sales & Bulk Corporate Special Editions.
  • Launch Campaign: Joint Venture & Cross Promotions through our network of authors, experts, thought leaders, and community leaders we’ll reach over 11 million people with our launch campaign.
  • Long Term Initiatives: Speaking Engagements, The author is consistently invited to speak to corporations and associations and will promote the books availability online as well as in local stores. Workshops/Live Events: The Author hosts their own live events and workshops in key markets and will promote the book at all events and suggest attendees buy the book online or in their local bookstore.
  • Pre-Media Promotion to Podcasts, Bloggers, etc.
  • Ambassadors: The author will recruit 20-50 local ambassadors who will each promote the book upon release and will push their community to buy the book from the stores on a local level. e. Non-Profit Organization Partnership. The author will align with 2-3 non-profit organizations with a substantial reach. The non-profit will promote the book to their volunteers and community members. The author will donate a percentage of his/her royalties to the non-profit.
  • Media Promotions: Through our press initiatives, the book will be featured on a wide range of media including nationally syndicated radio shows, Television networks, high traffic podcasts, and blogs d. Book Signings and Speaking Engagements. The author will coordinate book signings in stores in select markets to push in-store sales and will promote the signings to their network of followers. Book Launch Party: The Author would like to coordinate a launch party on the day of release at a local store in their top market to bring their local community together to celebrate the release of the book