In the darkness I could barely make out the silhouette of a figure. Cassie. In the next instant, lightning lit up the room, and a pair of blue eyes looked at me. "Cassie?" I asked. "Is that you?" "Help me," she whispered. Ever since Cassie came out of the woods she's been different. And only Ashleigh and her friends know why. Ashleigh's running out of time to save Cassie. she finds a diary describing a tale of love and revenge, and it may hold the key to Cassie's . . . AWAKENING. The sequel to The Possession of Cassie Quinn.

Kathryn Knutson of St. Cloud, MN Kathryn Knutson has been writing stories since she was five years old. She enjoys writing for children and young adults, and especially loves to write ghost stories. She lives in Central Minnesota with her two boys.

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