Agency Mania

Harness The Madness of Client/Agency Relationships for High-Impact Results

Agency Mania was written because billions of dollars in company budgets are invested every year into marketing efforts that strive to deliver engaging consumer experiences and deliver measurable business results. To get most out of their marketing investment, brand advertisers of all sizes must demand more from their advertising and marketing communications agencies, and get the best possible work from these relationships while simultaneously driving the dual agenda of effectiveness and efficiency. Why do some client/agency partnerships thrive while others fail? And how can both parties improve the chances of success? Agency Mania is an indispensable guide in which, Bruno Gralpois reveals the anatomy of a strong partnership with an advertising, media, digital, PR or marketing communications agency that drives results and delivers real value to the client's business. Mr. Gralpois shines a bright light on the insanity of clients and agencies failing to effectively nurture their relationships or clients failing to manage their agencies as vital allies and valuable corporate assets.

Bruno Gralpois of Seattle, WA Bruno Gralpois is responsible for Microsoft's overall agency strategy and operations around the globe. He received the 2004 Microsoft Marketing Award from Steve Ballmer, CEO, for his leadership in this area including one of the largest agency consolidations of the past decade. A well-respected integrated marketing communication executive, Bruno has extensive business-to-business and business-to-consumer client and agency experience.

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