The Amazing Mail Order Business and How To Succeed In It

America's most fascinating and fertile business field - mail order - frequently lures people's interest for the wrong reason: i.e., that it represents a golden opportunity to "get rich quick." The author, Howard Sparks, quickly brings the feet of the reader back down to Earth while allowing him to keep his head in the clouds. He does it by sharing a wealth of realistic information and fundamental help, always keeping the reader's eye on a plausible goal rather than an impossible dream.

Howard Sparks

HOWARD SPARKS has written mail order copy for over two hundred well-known products and services. He has sold everything from a "wild animal" calling device for hunters that produced more than 400,000 sales, to grassland seeds from Australia that sold 80,000 pounds of seed in the first ninety days of the promotion. Formerly president of his own successful mail order agency, and principal in two large direct mail companies, he now acts as a consultant to other mail order firms

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