Saga of the Colt Six-Shooter

and the Famous Men Who Used it…

This is the story of the famed Colt Single Action Army Revolver from 1873 to date. The early history of the Single Action parallels that of our American frontier and goes on to include many wars, the Western movies and television shows, and the current sport of Fast Draw. Coupled with this history are the famous men who used and depended on this gun. Lawmen, outlaws, Western stars and gun sportsmen, all these men lend an aura of romance to the history of this famed old shootin’ iron.

George E. Virgines

George E. Virgines, in this book, has recorded every detail of these remarkable events in history .

He is also a very well recognized authority on the subject of The Saga of The Colt Six-Shooter, having done extensive research. compiling and understanding the related events in history surrounding this remarkable firearm and the men made known for using it. 

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