Now That You Own a Puppy

Tips for Taking Care of Your Puppy

This book is about understanding your dog --- just why it behaves in a certain way. For instance, when a dog buries a bone--- whether it is in a hole in the garden or under the cushions of the sofa---it is behaving in an instinctive way that it has inherited from its wolf ancestors. Ethologists, scientists who study animals and their behaviour, have made many interesting discoveries about dogs, and we now know that their behaviour is made up partly of instincts inherited from wolves, and partly of habits learnt as puppies and young dogs.

Joan Tate

Joan Tate took pride in her work, her understanding of dogs and how to care for them. She was a dog owner for many years and has extensive experience raising dogs from puppys to old age. She writes this book to share some of her experince and what she has learned to help new puppy owners care for the new addition to their family. 

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