The Sins of Philip Fleming

"An unflinching study of one man’s struggle to deal with every man’s most corrosive fear.Philip Fleming had married early and worked hard for years. Enjoying his status as a studio writer, Philip had an infinite galaxy of desirable women available to him, but had never once been unfaithful to his wife. After a decade of refraining from partaking in the delights about which his bachelor friends boasted, and which his married friends took with guilty pleasure, he was feeling somewhat cheated…cheated because he had believed the dangers too great, the involvement too complete…he had never risked the consequences of man’s most intimate problem."

Irving Wallace

From one of America’s most skilful writers comes this subtly crafted, timeless inside story about tangled amours and twisted ideals.  It is a probing novel of marriage in its least public aspects…of women who often destroy the very things they want from their men…and of men who, in turn, hazard everything---family, career, security itself---to regain what their women have taken from them.

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