The Golden Children

A Dramatic Novel About America's Most Searing Topic - RACE

A Dramatic Novel About America’s Most Searing Topic – RACE. Only ten years ago, if a black man and white woman were seen walking in the street together, hand in hand, some people would stare, some would curse and others would spit as though a personal indignity had been done to them. But nevertheless the missed couples continue to appear in ever-growing numbers.
Here is the work of fiction that is as real as tomorrow’s headlines. They’re all in this meaningful book; the integration boys, the black power advocates, the town hate-peddlers, the bored teenagers---all trying to keep the young lovers apart.

Bernard Brunner

Bernard Brunner is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota. He received his M.A. and his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, then taught for three years in Pittsburgh before returning to Chicago, which is the setting for The Golden Children. He travelled extensively in the West doing research for his second novel, Uranium!, and he lived in Los Angeles for a time writing for C.B.S. the screen play for this first book, The Face of Night, but his home is in Chicago, where he is a professor of English Literature at De Paul University.

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