Sex and the Senior Citizen

Most young people believe that once their parents’ hair has turned grey or they’ve passed their fiftieth-or-so birthday their sex life is finished. Many senior citizens believe it themselves. Not so, say authors Wikler and Grey. Youth has not patent on sex. In fact, the Social Security set is keeping up with the jet set in the romance department. Here are the facts that shocked the country when the authors revealed information to Social Security officials that resulted in headlines such as SENIORS LIVING IN SIN and AGED COUPLES CAN STILL BE LOVERS, and led to changes in the Social Security law.

Revy Wikler

Revy Wikler, a resident of Miami Beach, which has the highest percentage of senior citizens of any city in the world, Revy Wikler became interested in this growing social sector and organized the first Senior Citizen Club in the country. She and Peg Savage Grey teamed up in senior citizen reporting for the first Medicare rally held in the United States and represented the senior citizens of Florida when they presented 100,000 signatures from the citizens of Florida to President Kennedy asking for Medicare at a rally held in Madison Square Garden in May, 1962.

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