David Janssen - My Fugitive

 When Ellie Janssen’s plane landed in Las Vegas, all she wanted was a divorce. Instead she found the beginnings of love, sex, romance and heartbreaks, leading her to David Janssen, one of America’s most beloved actors.She was in the middle of an affair with Frank Sinatra, leading to a secret abortion, but Ellie knew after her first date with the warm, tall, dark and handsome David that he was the man she wanted. He “stole” her from Sinatra. She was there as David’s career surged when he was cast as the Fugitive’s Dr. Kimble. She was there as his movie career climbed.Their well-publicized divorce trial ended with David getting most of the money-but it bought him little peach. More women and more drinking followed, while Ellie sadly kept track of his career and his life. Then, a month after declaring his intention to divorce his second wife, he was found dead at age 18 in a manner still shrouded in mystery. Ellie mourned then and now for David, a man she know had become a fugitive from himself.

Ellie Janssen

Ellie Janssen, David’s first wife, lives in Hollywood, CA. She speaks out now so the public can appreciate the man behind the legendary actor. She wants to correct an often distorted tabloid record of their lives. Ellie also wants to expose the truth about Hollywood’s true friends---and its back-stabbers.

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