A Treasury of Nurse Stories

by World Famous Authors

Here at last is a collection of stories which pays generous tribute to the members of a wonderful profession – the nurses – and to  those who share her dedicated life. Nurses in wartime and nurses on the home front --  the nurse on private duty and the hospital nurse – the night nurse and the day nurse – they are all here, with their unique problems and their often surprising  solutions … in an anthology which offers something for every reading taste.

Sonia Barry

Sonia Barry, who has assembled these stories with affection and taste, and contributed introductory notes to place them in historical perspective, has in her professional life been concerned with programs for retarded children and recreational therapy for the mentally ill.
She has done research writing for the U.S. Government on fellowship, and is the author of Interaction, a collection of stories relating to social work; Of Spools and Spoons, a study of the objets d’art of New England; as well as innumerable articles and stories for teen-age magazines.

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