The Magic of a Powerful Memory

Would you like to possess the power of great knowledge? When you follow the instructions in this book, you'll be able to use your "magic" memory to: Triple your reading speed and comprehension; Easily master high-speed mathematics; Memorize practically any essential on sight and repeat it word for word years later; Increase your vocabulary by 10 times; Get rid of absent-mindedness; Amaze your friends with memory stunts and games. ---and to it all in just a few minutes a day!

Chesley V. Young Chesley V. Young, a graduate of Columbia University Teachers College and the University of Arkansas, served as a Captain in the WAC during World War II, and taught in the New York City Schools for 9 years. A frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines, she is currently assembling the largest collection of books and material on the art of memory. She is co-author, with her husband, Dr. Morris Young, of How to Read Faster and Remember More, also published by Frederick Fell Publishers.

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