Beyond Code

Learn to distinguish yourself in 9 simple steps!
Through his work with hundreds of technology professionals, Rajesh Setty has had a bird's eye view of careers that soared and careers that stalled. In the IT arena, Setty noted that while some people succeeded beyond imagination, most people seemed to get stuck about ten or fifteen years into their careers. After careful observation, interviews and insights, Setty realized that the top performers in the IT services industry definitely had a different set of standard practices for distinguishing themselves. To share their secrets, Setty created Beyond Code.In Beyond Code Setty explains that today's tech pros are facing the crisis of commoditization and that in order to thrive, it is imperative that they learn to stand out. Moreover, Beyond Code functions as a blueprint for professionals who want to go from acceptable to exceptional.

Rajesh Setty An entrepreneur, business leader and acclaimed author, Rajesh Setty wrote his first novel at the age of nine. Most of Setty's career has involved managing people and projects in India, Malaysia, Singapore, France and United States. In late 2000, Rajesh co-founded CIGNEX and served as its President and CEO until May of 2005.

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