Journey to Mastery

Feng Shui for Life
This book will help you identify and move through limitations and blocks holding you back from achieving success in all areas of your life. Using Feng Shui as a model, Kathryn Mickle, Ph.D., counseling psychologist, mediator and educator, skillfully blends Eastern practices and philosophy with modern psychological tools to help you move towards mastery. Although not specifically a book about Feng Shui practices, she gives you suggestions for each area of your house and has you contemplate the personal lessons of this ancient art.

Kathryn Mickle Dr. Kathryn Mickle is a multi-faceted psychologist and educator who blends the best of Eastern and Western disciplines in ways that are uplifting to audiences of all backgrounds. As a seminar leader, hypnotherapist, university professor and family mediator, she has helped thousands of people internationally to reduce stress, build self-confidence and overcome self-defeating habits. Dr. Mickle is co-author of the book and cards, Tao Cards, author of The Adaptation of Hong Kong students to Canada and creator of the audio and video program Unlimiting Yourself, which has inspired countless number of people to change their lives.

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