I Dive for Treasure

This classic of all underwater treasure-hunting books takes the reader into an amazing world: Terryfying battles with the barracuda, shark and giant octopus; Hair's-breadth escapes from death in storm-churned seas; Mutinies, pirate attacks, undersea adventures galore; Plus names and locations of buried shipwrecks as revealed by the world's most renowned treasure-hunter

Lieut. Harry E. Rieseberg LIEUT. HARRY A. RIESEBERG, co-author with A. A. MIKALOW of Fell's Guide to Sunken Treasure Ships Around the World, was recently named "Mr. Treasure Hunter of 1964" by the National Treasure Trove Club. He has written 19 books and over 3,700 articles on treasure hunts and under-sea exploring. Former Chief in the U.S. Bureau of Navigation and Steamboat Inspection, he has been a successful salvager for more than 25 years.

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