How to Read Faster and Remember More

Here you can actually learn how to double---triple---and even quadruple your reading speed while you develop and astonishingly effective and masterful memory at the same time! This intriguing and novel approach to "speed reading" developed by an experienced ophthalmologist and his wife, can help you advance in every type of learning, every literary need or desired, every form of daily reading routine---from a casual memo to a technical treatise---through simplified, ready-to-use techniques that blend reading and remembering into one unified force!

Morris N. Young Morris N. Young, M.D., in private practice as an ophthalmologist for over 20 years, is a well known authority in Mnemonics. He has an extensive background in both medicine and engineering. On the staff of French & Polyclinic Medical School and Health Center as Attending in and Professor of Ophthalmology; Chief Ophthalmologist at Beekman Downtown Hospital, ranked as Colonel, Medical Reserve.

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