Healthy Things You Can Do In Front Of the TV

No time for the gym? Never worked out and don't know where to begin? Out of Shape? Die Hard Couch Potato? Just so tired at the end of the day that working out is the LAST thing you want to do? Injured or disheartened by hard core workouts? Kama Linden shows safe and effective exercises for various fitness levels from absolute beginner to advanced, all that can be done while watching TV. Use the TV as a timer, a distraction... Absolute beginners can do many of the exercises seated, standing with assistance, or lying down. Things like your coffee table can be a prop. More advanced exercisers will learn new ideas such as working out using a foam roller to challenge your core as well as remind you of neutral spine. Exercises can be done alone, in pairs, in groups. Ideas for healthy eating as well as taking it on the road.

Kama Linden Kama Linden has been teaching fitness for over 2 decades. She has taught weight training, step, pilates-based mat, vinyasa yoga, senior fitness, and has worked with clients and students of all ages and fitness levels. She is certified by AFAA Group Exercise and NASM CPT, as well as 200 hour Yoga. She also has a BFA in Dance from University of the ARTS She currently still teaches fitness and is an avid runner and swimmer, however, understands the demands of a "real job" and spends many hour at the computer and on the road. These are real exercises from her own workouts, as well as exercises she has taught her students and clients.

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