How to Develop Power and Confidence In Selling Real Estate

Thousands of real estate agents, men and women, newcomers and oldtimers, can improve their lives and their livelihoods by using the information in this concise, how-to-do-it book on real estate selling.

Every problem is covered: Do you want to invest your own money? What do you do when the customers don't come? How do you sell a "white elephant?" what should you listen for when you attend an open house showing? How much do your own personal characteristics influence your sales record? There's a "how to say," "what to say," "when to say," for every thorny situation in real estate selling, along with advice on closing a sale, organizing your time, sharing commissions, coping with competitors, selling to friends, and a host more.

Leslie E. Moser

Leslie E. Moser draws on the experience gained in his two professions for the writing of HOW TO DEVELOP POWER AND CONFIDENCE IN SELLING REAL ESTATE.

At present a professor of psychology at Baylor University, Waco, Texas, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in 1955. He has also been a real estate salesman since 1948, when he obtained his license, and is a prominent figure in the real estate field.

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