How to Make Big Money in the Stock Market

Here is the fascinating story of the Xerox investment and the step-by-step planning that enabled Samuel Mitchell to achieve this tremendous financial success. It takes most of us years of study, care, attention to detail, frustration, disappointment, and some profits to make money in the stock market. But Sam's fundamental philosophy of never taking a loss served him in good stead and he proceeded with amazing speed to become a millionaire. Properly applied, his ideas can serve you in a similar profitable fashion.

Samuel Mitchell

A few decades ago Samuel Mitchell, a brilliant advertising man, bought 100 shares of a common stock. He paid $30 a share - a total investment of approximately $3,000. This casual transaction - a commonplace event that happens millions of times a year - dramatically changed his life. The stock he bought was Haloid, which grew into the Xerox Corporation. Today that 100 shares of Haloid is 7,000 shares of Xerox. The original investment of $3,000 is now worth millions! Samuel Mitchell is the man who made big money in Wall Street.

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