The Blue Guitar

A startling novel first hailed in France for its haunting power and stark theme . . . They were brother and sister and their love was without guilt until an aging beauty came to their sun-swept, sea-battered home . . . Bringing with her the serpent of temptation, the bitter fruits of knowledge.

This stark novel tells of the sensual love affair between a girl and her blind brother, and of the outsider who brought chaos to their innocent world.

When The Blue Guitar was published in translation in France, Guy Le Clech wrote of it in Le Figaro Literaire, "This ... novel is one of those which quietly enter the consciousness and sensibility of the reader and soon occupy them completely. For his everyday world, it substitutes another, the laws of which are different from the usual moral code ... a great book"

Alex Austin

A native New Yorker, has been a ranch hand, gold prospector and photographer, and he was once voted No. 14 jazz drummer in the country in a Metronome Magazine Poll. He has published fiction, poetry and articles in Harpers, The Saturday Review, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. He is the author of two other novels, The Greatest Lover in the World and The Bride

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