Are These Our Doctors

You may be amazed as you read about the extent of the disagreement among many doctors, the lack of medical ethics in modern practice, the alarming rise of specialists who constantly fleece the public by charging unnecessarily high fees. You may gasp as you learn how the public is experimented on, in guinea pig fashion, with every passing treatment and drug. You will be shocked at how uncertain the medical profession really is as to the final effects in years to come of so many of the current innovations like cortisone, early ambulation, penicillin, etc., and at how the unwarranted publicity given these untried medical fads and fancies in newspapers and magazines endangers human life! You may be startled and incredulous when you begin, but when you lay this book down you will have a new and more discerning approach to your medical problems.

Now for the first time, here is an unbelievably frank story of what really goes on behind the medical screen - here for the very first time is a picture sometimes painful, but always accurate, of how most physicians feel, think and behave when stripped of their professional veneer.

Evelyn Barkins

The forthright author of this book, Evelyn Barkins, is the glamorous and youthful wife of a busy practicing physician and the mother of four small, but energetic children. Although in the middle of such a beehive of activity, she remains disarmingly calm and efficiently budgets her time to let nothing interfere with her vocation ... writing such best sellers as "I Love My Doctor," "The Doctor Has A Baby" and "The Doctor Has A Family." All were enthusiastically received by reviewers from cost-to-coast and enjoyed for their refreshing viewpoint.

In addition to being a successful writer, she is an attorney specializing in domestic relations, a cum laude graduate of college and law school, a concert pianist and the fascinating center of an active social life. In this hard hitting book, "Are These Our Doctors?" blonde and dynamic Evelyn again levels her sharp observant wit and personal experience at a phase of vital modern life that has long needed more honest dissection.

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