Millennials In the Workplace!

How to Manage the Most Important Workplace Transition

Approx 10,000 millennials enter the workforce every day. To attract the best talent, management styles must change to meet the needs of this new generation. 

America's workforce is changing, business must adapt their culture, management style, and overall leadership to meet the needs of the millennial employee and the millennial buyer. 

By 2025, 3 out of every 4 workers globally will be Millennials. Currently there are 40 million Millennials in the workplace and 10,000 more are being added to the workforce everyday. 45% of Millennials will choose workplace flexibility over pay. 56% of Millennials won’t accept jobs from companies that ban social media. Average tenure for Millennials is 2 years (compared to 5 years for Gen X and 7 years for Baby Boomers.) It costs an average of $24,000 to replace each Millennial employee.

Justin Sachs

Justin Sachs, PhD, is a highly- acclaimed business and marketing expert who has educated and inspired over twenty-two million business leaders worldwide on how to more powerfully connect with their target market, reach their prospects, create marketing systems, and increase their customer and brand loyalty.  Having been acknowledged by US Presidents, Congressmen, and World-Renowned Business Leaders, Mr. Sachs’ strategic consulting is called on by some of the world’s leading corporations and brands. Justin has written eight best-selling books on business, marketing, and leadership. He has been featured in hundreds of media outlets throughout the world including Forbes, INC Magazine, AMEX Open Forum, CBS Radio, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, ABC, Huffington Post and Yahoo Finance. Justin holds a PhD in Business Management from Canterbury University and a Masters in Organizational Leadership and Development from Middlesex University.  Justin’s industry leading publishing company, Motivational Press was recognized in 2014 and 2016 on the INC 500 list as one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

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