The Book Publisher's Handbook

The Seven Keys to Publishing Success With Six Case Studies
Are you ready to be a publisher? Do you have all the keys? Now that you have made the decision to become a publisher, you must take the reins. You are the maestro, the coach, and the head cheerleader. To understand your new role, it is essential that you understand each key, each step of the process.No publisher should be without this highly readable, nuts-and-bolts guide to the ins and outs of book publishing. The Midpoint team has more than a century of combined book publishing experience, which will prove invaluable to all publishers, from seasoned professionals to those new to the game. The book concisely discusses the editorial process, design, printing, pricing, sales and distribution, marketing and publicity. It also includes success stories from authors, publishers, and others in the industry who relate the strategies that helped them rocket their books to bestseller status.After you have learned the elements of your trade, you will be prepared to take on the turbulent and chal

Eric Kampmann of Riverside, CT

Eric Kampmann has worked in book publishing since 1970 at Viking, St. Martin's, then Simon & Schuster. He has worked with independent publishers since 1981. Eric is the founder of Midpoint Trade Books, a sales and distribution company for independent publishers. Eric has also taught book publishing courses at Harvard, Columbia, Hofstra, and NYU.

Margot Atwell Margot Atwell has worked in publishing since 2003. She is also a freelance editor and book reviewer, and has written for publications such as Publishers Weekly, Publishing Perspectives, Moviefone, Five on Five, and Derbylife. She is a graduate of Smith College, where she founded and edited Labrys, a journal of art and literature.

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