Intrinsic Excellence

Business Development and Leadership Systems for Success in Personal Training

Inspirational Fitness Leadership Book Stresses the Power and Value of the Human Connection—While Offering a Proven, Comprehensive Plan for Systematic Success as a Personal Trainer…

Niche Title with Crossover Applications: Breakthrough “4C Method” Details Life and Business Skills That Can Transform a Career in Almost Any Chosen Field

The Four Core Competencies covered in Intrinsic Excellence are: Technical Expertise, Customer Care, Sales and Business Development/Strategy.  As the author puts it, “Mastery of your art cannot be confused with success in the profession.” Most of those who fail as personal trainers fail because they mistake their necessary technical expertise as the principle predictor of financial success in their field. “Not so” is Rolando Garcia III’s response to this perception—and it holds true for almost any other profession. Technical expertise is at best only 25% of the success-formula… Without a thorough grounding in the other three core competencies, the trainer is doomed to mediocrity and will most likely not survive in the industry.

Rolando Garcia

Rolando Garcia, III has been described as one of the top managers in the fitness industry.  Using the system he created, he has prepared and developed fitness teams as well as individual professionals for the demands and rigors of the fitness profession, which led to their subsequent success.  He currently manages an elite team of coaches for a luxury fitness facility, which is located in Manhattan, NY.   He has been featured on Forbes, The NY POST, Self Magazine, and Athlete’s Quarterly. 

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