Your Story Is Your Medicine

A Prescription for Healing in an Imperfect World
This book is about how any of us can use the painful stories of our life as a vehicle for healing so that we can experience forgiveness, love, purpose and joy in a difficult world. I use my own unusual medical history as an illustration for how it can be done. I provide teaching for the reader so that they can, if accepted, find that their greatest wounding can be their greatest gift that re-unites them with their Divinity.

Shelli Stanger-Nelson Shelli Stanger Nelson, RN, BS is the first blind Registered Nurse in the state of Minnesota and holds a baccalaureate degree in energy medicine therapy. She developed the Cardiac After Care department for Fairview Hospitals in MN, USA. She created the first out-patient education programs: Helping Hearts and Healing Hearts, group classes for people with both acute and chronic heart conditions. She enthusiasticly taught stroke survivers and their loved-ones how to rise above the limitations left behind after a cerebral event and to believe they could still live fiercely. Nelson is the founder and president of Rukha® Academy of Healing Arts and Science, a program of energy medicine and personal transfiguration in Minnesota, USA. She also operates a private practice through her company Healing professionals, LLC (founded in 2003). Shelli has lectured internationally on the interface of medicine and spiritual maturation with the science of energy medicine modalities. The unique experiences of Shelli's personal and professional journey have given birth to many inspiring traits. She is known for her irreverent sense of humor, unflappable belief in what is possible, and compassion for fellow travelers that is beyond measure. Her capacity to be transparent, vulnerable and authentic gives her students, audience and readers permission to be the same. Professional highlights Finalist for Minnesota Nurse of the Year in 1990 for her extraordinary keystone accomplishment of being the first blind person to hold an RN license and to work as a Registered Nurse in the state of Minnesota.

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